• 1020 x 275 Second Datron M7 3D Machining Centre

    Datron M7 3D Machining Centre

    High speed milling, drilling and engraving

3D Machining

We have a Datron M7 3D machining centre with a working range of 500mm x 500mm x 225mm.

This is a highly accurate machine excellent for micro drilling, engraving and machining of face plates, housing, fixtures and dies in any material.

In the context of manufacturing sheetmetal parts for the electronics industry, the machine is particularly useful for machining front panels from stock and adding detail such as relief for membrane keyboards.

Design Tips:

Add flair and sophistication to your product with 3D engraving of logos and text.

Consider facias in metal or coloured plastic with relief as an alternative to flat painted sheet metal facias.

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