600 x 400 Small Rack Rack

Customised 19″ Racks

19″ racks can be purchased off-the-shelf from a number of suppliers but this electical engineering company wanted a range of custom racks to house their specialist equipment.

300 x 200 Rack welded corners P1040522

Slot together, pop riveted construction

300 x 200 Doors in Stillage P1040480

41u doors ready for painting

That said, they expected the price to be comparable to that of standard racks.
To achieve this, we created a self jigging design with a pop riveted construction requiring minimum welding.

300 x 200 20u Rack Populated P1030431

20u rack fitted with rack modules

300 x 200 41u Assembly P1040483

41u rack painted and fully assembled

We’re now supplying racks in various sizes upto 41u high complete with doors, locks, shelves and other ancilliary equipment.

“GW have a done a great job in developing a range of racks specifically for our equipments without a cost premium.” Sales Director

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