600 x 400 Encryption Front P1020270

Secure Data Transfer Unit

The brief here was to design an attractive, compact, EMC compliant, easy to assemble, low cost sheet metal housing for a data transfer unit capable of being manufactured with a repeatable accuracy of 0.2mm in batches of 500.

300 x 200 Encryption Tight Fold P1020273

Tightly folded corners

300 x 200 Encryption Rear Open P1020272

Compact assembly of encapsulated PCB

Several ideas were investigated using Solidworks and the chosen design features an aluminium folded base and lid with internal cheeks to position the encapsulated PCB. The tumbled front and rear stainless steel cheeks give the product a distinctive look and the stick on plastic graphic labels give a durable low cost alternative to silk screen printing.

300 x 200 Encryption Rear Full P1040571

Smart, durable stick-on graphic labels

300 x 200 Encryption Front Lights P1020270

Finished unit

We’ve now manufactured thousands of these units in different colours to distinguish the product in different supply chains.

“GW Engineering have a flair for design which adds greatly to the appeal of our products.” Product Development Director

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