300 x 200 Stand Parts Dark P1040417

Camera Mount

This project was unusual for us since it does contains sheet metalwork. Instead it features an extruded aluminium column, milled base and plinth and we used 3D printing make the plastic cap, collar and base.

300 x 200 Stand Assembly P1040396

Milling adds a high class appearance

300 x 200 Stand Close up light P1040438

The quality of 3D printed parts is perfectly adequate

Using 3D printing for product like is very cost effective because it avoids the cost of mould making.

300 x 200 Stand 3D 2 parts P1040416

3D printing suitable for prototypes and small batches

300 x 200 Stand Locking P1040437

Slide and lock mechanism

The ‘slid and lock’ mechanism enables the height of the plinth to be adjusted.

“We work extensively with GW on sheet metal products and their extension into general engineering is proving invaluable to us” Marketing Director

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