600 x 400 XAD Assembly II P1040723

Shock Proof Computer

This project involved the design of a light weight, shock proof computer housing capable of being removed as one entity from a ruggedised water proof field casing.

Extensive 3D modelling was used to fit the components into an enclosed space whilst ensuring easy assembly and access to components and cables for maintenance.

300 x 200 Interna Packaging P1030762

3D modelling used to design the fit of internal parts

300 x 200 Plastic Panel P1030775

Laser cut plastic panels to protect internal components

The first prototype in 3mm aluminium proved overly robust with a few issues of access. The second protoype in 2mm aluminium proved perfect.

300 x 200 Buffer P1040713

Shock proof mounts on sides and base

300 x 200 XAD Top Plate Milling P1030796

Milled top plate for accurate location of sockets

Manufacturing this product bought into play our full range of processes namely punching, folding, laser cutting, milling, laser etching and laser cutting of plastic.

“GW engineered this product beautifully and their expert use of 3D modelling shortened development lead times and costs considerably.”
Managing Director

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