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Turned parts with cross drilling & tapping


We have comprehensive CNC turning facilities compromising a HASS ST-20Y lathe, a HASS ST-10 lathe andĀ  a Hanwha XE20 Swiss Auto lathe. The HASS ST-20Y lathe has a programmable chuck and powered tools in the turret enabling it to add milled features to turned parts such as keyways, side drilled holes and “off-centre features” like […]

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300 x 200 Overall Fiber laser


We have a comprehensive sheet metal manufacturing facility utilising Amada CNC machine tools and other ancillary equipment. Laser Cutting – Amada CNC Fibre Laser – w/r 3000mm x 1500mm, materials up to 10mm think Punching – Amada Acute CNC Punch – w/r of 1270mm x 1270mm., materials up to 6mm thick Folding – Amada HFE […]

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M8 Cube 300 X 200


We have a HAAS UMC 500 5-axis machining centre with a working range of X-610mm Y-406mm Z-406mm. This machine is used primarily for machining components with detail on all 6 faces (of a cube) to decrease set-ups from 5 (required on a 3-axis machine) to 2 thus increasing productivity by around 30%. We also have […]

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300 x 200 EG6013AR Robotic Bending Cell

Automatic Folding of Precision Parts

Amada Robotic Bending Cell in action on a batch of parts for machines incorporating digital load cells. The flexible programming language of the machine along with easy set-up and automatic tool loading meansĀ  hi-mix, low volume sheet metal component manufacture is accurate and cost effective. If we can help with your folding requirements, pleased contact […]

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