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    Low cost manufacture of 3D plastic parts

3D Printing

We have a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D Printer with a working area of 250mm x 250mm x 125mm. This receives data from our CAD system and deposits paper thin PLA or ABS plastic layers to create 3D parts.

This is a low cost, quick method of creating parts with complex shapes such as gears and ‘hollow’ parts such as valve bodies which would otherwise have to be cast or machined from the solid.

The machine enables us to manufacture prototypes which the customer can handle speeding up the decision making process.

Design Tips:

If 3D modelling software such as Solidworks or Inventor is used for design, the 3D print files are generated automatically making the process quick and easy.

A 3D Printer sits in an office environment alongside the designer facilitating quick verification of ideas.

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