• 1020 x 275 EG6013AR Robotic Bending Cell

    EG6013AR Robotic Bending Cell

    Fully automated folding of complex parts


For high speed automatic folding we have an Amada EG6013AR Robotic Bending Cell for high mix, low volume, complex parts.

In addition we have two Amada HFE 3i 5020 7-axis pressbrakes for parts up to 2m long. The machine can fold materials from 0.45mm thick up to:-

5mm in mild steel
5mm in aluminium
3mm in stainless steel.

We achieve highly accurate, repeatable folds and generally work within 0.2mm across multiple faces. The machines have settings which can be adjusted to accommodate variances in materials between batches without modifying the program.

A wide range of standard and special tools are available for all machines.

Design Tips:

Where possible make internal bend radii the same as the material thickness.

The maximum depth of a ‘U’ shaped bend is 2 times the width.

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