• Trotec Speed 400 Laser

    Trotec Speedy 400 Laser

We use a Trotec Speedy 400 combined CO2 & Fibre Optic for laser cutting plastic up to 12mm thick and etching text and graphics onto plastic and metal parts. The working range is X-1000 , Y-600.

The Fibre Optic facility enables aluminium parts to be engraved material removal.

Graphics are from taken our Coreldraw system eliminating the need for artwork thereby offering a lower cost, quicker alternative to silk screen printing.

This is a versatile machine and because it has a built-in extraction system it can be used it to laser cut plastic, wood and cardboard facilitating low cost model making and rapid prototyping.

Design Tips:

Laser etching of adhesive plastic labels is a trouble free, low cost alternative to silk screen printing.

Accurate model making in plastic or cardboard is a quick method of testing ideas.

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