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    Amada AE255 CNC Punch

    Fast, accurate punching & forming

CNC Punching

We have an Amada Acute AE255NT CNC punching with a working range of 1270mm x 1270mm. The machine has a brush bed to avoid scratching and can punch materials from 0.45mm up to:-

6mm in mild steel
6mm in aluminium
3mm in stainless steel

We have a comprehensive range of standard and special punch tools.

Punching is used on thinner materials with simple profiles and on parts with ‘forms’ such as dipples and louvres. Punching compliments the work done on our Amada LCG-3015 fiber laser.

Design Tips:

Design parts using hole sizes for which we have tools to avoid the need to purchase special tools. If in doubt, ask for a tool list.

Ensure holes are more than 2 x material thickness away from a component edge to avoid ‘blowout’.

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