• Hanwha XE 20

    Hanwha XE20 Swiss Auto Lathe


We have comprehensive CNC turning facilities compromising a HASS ST-20Y lathe, a HASS ST-10 CNC lathe and  a Hanwha XE20 Swiss Auto lathe.

The HASS ST-20Y lathe has a programmable chuck and powered tools enabling it to add milled features to turned parts such as keyways, side drilled holes and “off-centre features” for example, a PCD of holes. It also has sub-spindle to finish features after parting-off and a bar feeder for continuous operation.

The Hanwha Swiss Auto is a special machine which can turn both ends of a component in one cycle including threading and milling operations. Stock is fed with a bar feeder and the complete operation is automatic. The process is much quicker than can be achieved using a conventional CNC lathe and suits small, complex, highly accurate components up to 20mm diameter.

We manufacture parts for a wide variety of customers in many of the high tech sectors and out setup enables us to process small batches to high volume components.

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