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    TIG Welding

    Stainless steel weld prior to dressing


We use various methods for welding steel, zintec, galvanised sheet, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

TIG Welding is used for light steel sheetmetal, MIG Welding for heavier fabricated structures and Spot Welding for thin sheetmetal parts along flat mating surfaces.

Our Amada TS86K flat-bed spot welding machine is used for applications requiring fine accuracy and control. This machine has an argon gas antioxident system which eliminates burns marks on stainless steel avoiding the need for subsequent dressing.

Spot Welding Aluminium requires 3 times the power needed for steel and we use a special 60kVA machine capable of spot welding aluminium upto 1.5mm thick.

Stud Welding is used to mount screws without leaving witness marks on the outside face of a panel and we manufacture jigs to accurately position the screws.

Design Tips:

Spot Welding is used on parts 0.5mm to 3mm thick particularly if made from materials with a protective coating such zintec or galvanised sheet since the need for dressing after TIG or MIG welding will spoil the protective coating.

TIG and MIG Welding are skilled, expensive operations and if welding can be eliminated using spot welding, inserts or pop rivets, then costs will be reduced.

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