New Factory for Milling & Turning

Our new factory for milling and turning is now fully operational and equipped two new CNC milling machines and two new CNC lathes which offer 4-axis milling and 3-axis (cross head) turning.

These machines, coupled with sheet metal facilities means we are now a “one stop shop” for all forming and machining applications.

General view of the shop floor


Our two HAAS VF-2SSY CNC Vertical Machining Centres have a working range of X-axis 914mm Y-axis 457mm x Z-axis 610mm incorporating a 30 station side mounted tool changers.

These are high speed general purpose machines excellent for machining large parts from the solid or castings in a wide range of materials including steel, aluminium, copper and plastic. One has a 4th axis for part rotation.

Enclosure machined from the solid

Extrusion with threads & slots added








Stylised 1u Front Panel

Back Plate for Navigation Equipment








We have a HASS ST-10 CNC Lathe with a 12 station turret.  Four of the stations are powered for operations such as side drilling and milling which reduces the need for options on other machines. The maximum through bar size 45mm and the maximum chuck size 165mm. The manufacture repeat parts from bar is automated using a “bar puller” which feeds the bar after each part is completed.

We also have a HASS TL1 Toolroom CNC lathe which can be used as a single station manual machine for quick jobs or programmed as a CNC machine for more complex and repeat jobs. The maximum through bar size is 58mm and the maximum chuck size is 203mm.

Turned parts with cross drilling & tapping

Bar pull through for repeat operation








Turned Insert with milled flats

Collar parted-off








If you are interested in how we can help with you milling and turning requirements, we would be pleased to here from you.

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