We have comprehensive turning facilities compromising a HASS ST-10 CNC Lathe, a HASS TL1 Tool Room Lathe and  a Hanwha XE20 Swiss Auto Lathe.

The HAAS machines are used for general purpose turning in small to medium sized batches.

The Hanwha Swiss Auto is a special machine which can turn both ends of a component in one cycle including threading and milling, Stock is fed with a bar feeder and the complete operation is automatic.

The process is much quicker than can be achieved using a conventional CNC lathe and suits small, complex, highly accurate components.

Maximum Bar diameter is 20mm and machining is to a high accuracy processing ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic materials.

We manufacture parts for a wide variety of customers in many of the high tech sectors. Our setup allows us to process small to high volume components.

Hanwha XE20 Swiss Auto Lathe with LNS Alpha 320 S3 Bar Feeder and Absolent Coolant Mist Filter








Typical higher high volume, accurate, small, complex parts produced on the Hanwha Swiss Auto Lathe

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