• 1020 x 275 HASS VF22SSYT Slide View 2

    HAAS VF-2SSYT Vertical Machining Centre

    X-axis 914mm
    Y-axis 457mm
    X-axis 610mm

Vertical Machining Centre

We have 2 HAAS VF-2SSYT Vertical Machining Centre with a working range of X-axis 914mm Y-axis 457mm x Z-axis 610mm incorporating a 30 station side mounted tool changer.

The machine increases the scope of company into high speed, high volume general purpose machining and is excellent for machining large parts from the solid or castings in a wide range of materials including steel, aluminium, copper and plastic.

It features air blast chip removal, programmable coolant control and in-process gauging to ensure all parts are highly accurate and free from blemishes.

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