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Turned parts with cross drilling & tapping


We have comprehensive turning facilities compromising a HASS ST-10 CNC Lathe, a HASS TL1 Tool Room Lathe and  a Hanwha XE20 Swiss Auto Lathe. The HAAS machines are used for general purpose turning in small to medium sized batches. The Hanwha Swiss Auto is a special machine which can turn both ends of a component […]

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300 x 200 Overall Fiber laser


We have a comprehensive sheet metal manufacturing facility utilising Amada CNC machine tools and other ancillary equipment. Laser Cutting – Amada CNC Fibre Laser – w/r 3000mm x 1500mm, materials up to 10mm think Punching – Amada Acute CNC Punch – w/r of 1270mm x 1270mm., materials up to 6mm thick Folding – Amada HFE […]

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